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Near Definition Meaning - Merriam-Webster.
Definition of near Entry 3 of 4. 1 a: not far distant in time, place, or degree in the near future. b: almost happening: narrowly missed or avoided a near win in the primary a near midair collision. c: nearly not happening a near escape.
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Near - Wikipedia.
National Emergency Alarm Repeater NEAR, a former alarm device to warn civilians of a foreign nuclear attack on the United States. National Emergency Airway Registry NEAR, a patient registry for intubations in the United States. Nicking enzyme amplification reaction NEAR, a method of DNA amplification.
near - Wiktionary.
See also nigh. Near appears to be derived from or at the very least influenced by the North Germanic languages; compare Danish nær near, close, Norwegian nær near, close Swedish nära near, close, as opposed to nigh, which continues the inherited West Germanic adjective, like Dutch na close, near, German nah close, near, nearby, Luxembourgish no nearby, near, close.
NEAR meaning in the Cambridge English Dictionary.
Near and near to. Near and near to are prepositions. Near is also an adjective. Near and near to as prepositions. The preposition near to means 'not' far away in distance. Near and near to mean the same, but near is more common.:

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