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Its also recommended that you use a translator or someone ac custom ed to the language and custom s of a target region to handle the outreach. SIX MUST-KNOW INTERNATIONAL SEO TIPS TO EXPAND BUSINESS EDWARD CORAM JAMES JUNE 3, 2020 SEARCH ENGINE WATCH.
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Custom guitar, a model of guitar made by Fender. Custom musician, stage name for New York-based musician Duane Lavold. Customs TV series, an Irish television series that focuses on the daily lives of customs officers. Kimber Custom, a type of pistol.
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Keep track of important notes no matter where you are with custom office supplies for on-the-go. Perform at your peak whatever the weather with custom athletic apparel for your whole team. Explore the outside world in style with awesome custom products and accessories for every adventure.
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Displaced native Middle English wune, wone custom, habit, practice from Old English wuna custom, habit, practice, rite Middle English side, sid custom from Old English sidu, sido custom, note, manner Middle English cure custom, choice, preference from Old English cyre choice, choosing, free will Doublet of costume and consuetude.
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Banks and private companies pay for custom news feeds that serve their own needs. The music industry is being turned upside down by our ability to go to a website and download MP3 music tracks or get custom CDs made.
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synonym study for custom. Custom, habit, practice mean an established way of doing things. Custom, applied to a community or to an individual, implies a more or less permanent continuance of a social usage: It is the custom to give gifts at Christmas time.
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23 Custom agencies hold employee appreciation events where custom officers are recognized for their work. Several agencies also hold events for the public where they explain their jobs and responsibilities in a transparent manner. Each year, at the end of January is celebrated the International Customs Day with a particular theme, as follows.:
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Middle English custume, from Anglo-French, from Latin consuetudin-, consuetudo, from consuescere to accustom, from com- suescere to accustom; akin to suus one's' own - more at suicide. Learn More About custom. Post the Definition of custom to Facebook Share the Definition of custom on Twitter Time Traveler for custom.

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